80 egunean

Axun, a 70 year old woman, is called from the hospital to take care of her daughter’s ex-husband, who was seriously injured in a car accident. To her surprise, the woman who takes care of the other patient in the same hospital room turns out to be Maite, her best friend when teenagers. They have not seen each other for more than 50 years. The hospital visits will show that the close relationship they had when teenagers is still alive. Their relationship was very special fifty years ago but nowadays the same feelings flourish. They have fun and enjoy each other’s company until Axun finds out that Maite is openly lesbian. Axun questions her own feelings about Maite. Was their relationship when teenagers more than friendship? Where is the thin line that separates friendship from desire? Now that she is 70, does she dare crossing this thin line?

2010 · Film · 105min · 35mm.

A film co-produced with Irusoin and ETB with the support of the Basque Government’s department of Culture.

“For 80 days” was theatrically released in May 2010 and shown in several Film Festivals around the world. It has been awarded 30 times.