The Dragon House

The Dragon House portrays the confrontation between tradition and modernity which the Kingdom of Bhutan is currently experiencing. This is done by means of two Bhutanese characters: a young Buddhist monk, heir to the local tradition, and the first disc jockey to dare to play House and Techno music in the small Himalayan kingdom.

2005 · Documentary · 84min · 35mm.

This documentary was co-produced with Irusoin and Benecé Produccions, with the participation of ETB, Swedish public television (STV) and with the support of the Basque Government’s Department of Culture and the ICAA (Ministry of Culture).

The documentary was theatrically realesed in the summer of 2006 and it has been broadcast on NHK (Japan), KBS (Korea), CANAL + (Poland), SVT (Sweden), Euskal Telebista and Televisió de Catalunya television channels.